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SALE Brave Girl, Painted Denim Shirt

SALE Brave Girl, Painted Denim Shirt

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Hello Denim is a growing collection of hand-painted tops and jackets for ladies of faith. Each piece is a carefully selected and up-cycled to become apparel with a purpose! You will not find these in those cookie-cutter stores. Created using vibrant acrylic paint specifically for fabrics, this piece is like wearing artwork to go. Makes a great gift!

> Size: Medium

> Brand: J. Crew

> Detail: An original drawing of a girl is sketched onto the back, surrounded by gold stars. The front also has a pretty detail of gold stars along the top. 

This is not a jacket; it’s a light-weight, button up denim long-sleeved shirt that's perfect for dressing up any casual, every day outfit. It's soft and durable. 

> Will include proper care instructions

> Want a custom painted jacket? Email me!